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The PPG Meter
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Sticky: New PPG Meter Version Available C and F included


NEW PPG METER OFF 2016/2017 Model!!!

PPG Meter 180 €


PPG Meter

External Battery Case (Without Battery)

Fuel Gauge


EGT Sensor


CHT Sensor


Water/ Oil Sensor ( Picture will follow)


New function – START MONITOR SYSTEM–control of RPM in starting sequence of engine

PPG meter with graphic orrange backlit display in two Version :
–  without battery for paramotor with el. Starter
–  with battery box for AAA battery

Functions of new PPG meter :
–  RPM
–  Start monitor systém – security of engine start
–  2x temperature – 1200°C or 2192°F
–  Engine timers 4x
–  Fuel level – liter or galon
–  Fuel flow – liter or galon
–  Voltage
–  Max. values of temp. and rpm
–  Alarms –temperature, RPM, minimum and maximum voltage,  battery, fuel level

Two buttons on the front panel :
–   ENT – enter – long push for input to menu and change values
-short push for skip in the menu
–   ESC – escape – backspace

PPG meter start function by RPM sensor when is engine running or by long push of the ENT button

Technical parameters and installation:
Power supply : 5-20V
Size of display module :        60x37x15mm
Size of measuring module : 60x28x11mm
Size of battery box :              63x48x15mm
Lenght wire between display and measuring module : 130cm