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The PPG Meter
Visitors around the world!

Happy Customer Faces

I have been to the Salton Sea Flyin 2013 doing customer Installations for the PPG Meter Device! The event has been a very big success with the result, that many PPG Pilots now have this wonderful device. Please see the customer installation pictures under this link:

Names like Jeff Goin ( USPPA Founder)¬†like the PPG Meter and also here are some Happy Customers, including names like Michael Mixer ( Owner of Discover Powered Paragliding) Mo Sheldon ( Owner of, Nathan”Drifto” Finneman ( a Young PPG Pilot who is just a crazy PPG Pilot) Chris Santacroce ( Red Bull PPG Pilot), Mike “Tiffee”, Paul Anthem (watch the Moron Here, Chad Bastian ( Owner of

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Thank you all for beeing great Customers!